The HP Printer Not Printing Issue

The HP Printer not printing black issue particularly occurs in inkjet printers. It is important to service, clean and preserve your printer in a dust-free and stable environment for optimum usage. There are several reasons due to which your HP Printer is not printing a particular color and you can check for error messages on the panel periodically, which invariably, progressively, displays the ink levels as well.

Use Genuine Cartridges

  • HP devices have advanced with time and come with certain guidelines, to enable optimum performance and cost-savings for the consumer
  • If you are facing the HP Printer not printing black problem, then check if your cartridges are indeed genuine
  • HP always recommends its customers to use veritable cartridges for reliable, quality performance of the printer
  • The issue might remain unresolved if you do not use the proper cartridge meant for the device
  • All HP Stores across the globe supply users with ink cartridges
  • If you are unsure whether you have purchased the right cartridges, then you can always verify their authenticity

Verification of the HP Printer Cartridges

HP Printer Not Printing

HP Printer Not Printing


  • Open the HP Sure Supply or the QR Code scanner app
  • Identify the security seal – then open the app and run it across the QR code
  • A validation screen appears on your mobile indicating the authenticity of the cartridges

Tamper Evident Labeling

  • Available in most of HP’s contemporary models, the ink cartridges come with an enhanced security feature that ensures that your cartridge arrives untampered
  • Look for some tell-tale signs such as
    1. unmatched pattern lines
    2. Colored label – this is usually transparent
    3. Text on the label displays a message ‘seal is void’

Ink Levels

  • More often the HP not printing black issue is due to low ink level in the black ink cartridge
  • You must consider a replacement ink cartridge the moment you visualize a message on the LCD panel
  • But users can still garner prints at this stage until the quality of printing becomes totally unacceptable
  • However, printing delays can be avoided if you change the ink cartridges as soon as you see the low-level message


  • To verify the estimated level of ink first touch the ‘‘ or the minus button next to the Setup icon
  • Then touch Right Arrow -> Tools -> OK ->Right Arrow ->Estimated Ink Levels -> OK
  • A graphic display appears indicating the actual level of ink
  • You do not have to replace the cartridges yet if ink levels are not too low

Cartridges Replacing

  • Low or empty cartridges should be immediately replaced to avoid issues such as the HP not Printing black
  • After loading the paper into the input tray, power on the printer
  • Then open the cartridge access door and remove the faulty or low-level ink cartridge
  • Now, take the newer cartridge out of its packaging without touching the copper contacts
  • Remove the plastic protective tape on the cartridge and insert it into the empty slot
  • Before you slide it in, match the icons on the slot and the cartridge
  • Push it forward until you hear a snap and then close the door to the cartridge access area

Cartridges Aligning

  • Cartridge alignment is an extremely important process, which is often ignored when users replace the empty ink
  • To avoid unwanted HP not printing black issues, perform the alignment process for the new and substituted ink cartridge as well
  • Load paper and turn the printer on
  • Then, once again touch the minus icon next to the Setup
  • Thereafter press Right Arrow -> Tools -> OK -> Right Arrow -> Align Printer -> OK
  • An alignment page is printed, which has to be placed face down on the scanner glass
  • Now, press OK, to complete the alignment process

Print head cleaning

  • You can use an automated tool to clean the print head and successfully address the HP Printer not printing black issue
  • Turn the printer on after loading plain white paper into the tray
  • Thereafter press the minus icon -> Right Arrow -> Tools -> OK -> Right Arrow -> Clean Printhead -> OK
  • After the cleaning process, a test page is printed indicating the print quality
  • Examine it and if you think a second level cleaning is required, just follow instructions on the sheet

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