HP Smart Tank Plus 551

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 is a wireless All-in-one printer, that can print, copy, scan wireless. The monthly duty of the HP Smart Tank plus id up to 1000 pages. The mobile printing capacity includes HP Smart app, Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint, Morpia. And the software that is included is HP printer Software, HP Update, HP Photo creations. The maximum monthly page volume is from 200 to 500. The HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup is simple and easy to complete and here there are some guidelines for this

How to Download Driver for HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Printer?

  • The HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup, firstly starts with the Driver download
  • After that, visit the HP site and enter the model number of the HP printer
  • Secondly, select the operating system of the computer and make sure to choose its correct version
  • Moreover, choose the language and check for the information that is next to the Download button
  • Similarly, click the Download button and choose the location to save the driver file
  • The file will download in the Downloads destination
  • On the other hand, access the driver file location and double-click the file to start with the installation process
  • After, completing with the installation process starts with the printing job

What’s Inside the Package?

  • Firstly, it is the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 printer, black, Cyan, Magneta, yellow ink cartridges, and the ink caution flyer
  • Secondly, it will have the reference manual, setup poster, power cord, regulatory flyer, RoH- EAC Regulatory flyer

Emptying the HP Printer Package 

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

  • To start with HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup, firstly, unwrap the printer and fold its flap to remove the printer from its package
  • Now, check for the significant contents that are mentioned in What’s inside the package
  • After that, clear off all the packing materials from the printer and make the printer ready to get the power connection
  • Secondly, attach one end of the power cord to the HP printer and another end to the wall outlet
  • Turn on the HP printer by holding the Power button
  • And now proceed with the on-screen prompts of the printer
  • The first prompt- load the ink cartridges into the printer
  • The second prompt- insert the paper into the paper input tray
  • And finally, the HP printer will align the ink cartridges and starts to print the alignment page
  • This completes the first level HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

How to Install Ink Cartridges into the HP Smart Tank Plus?

  • Firstly, access the ink cartridge area and wait for the carriage moment to stop
  • After that, unpack the new ink cartridges that came along the HP printer
  • Most importantly, remove the tape that is stuck to the ink cartridges
  • Secondly, insert the ink cartridges one by one gently into their slots
  • Next, wait until the locking sound of the ink cartridges are heard
  • And finally, exit the ink cartridge area

How to Insert the Paper into HP Smart Tank Plus?

  • At first, extend the paper input tray from the HP printer and then adjust the width guides
  • After that, fan a stack of neat paper and insert them into the input tray of the printer
  • Secondly, check whether the paper has no curles
  • Now, make the necessary adjustments over the width guides of the printer to start with the printing process
  • Finally, make sure to extend the paper output tray and this includes in the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

How to Download the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Manual?

  • A manual is known as an end to end documentation and a book that consists of information about the product
  • Firstly, to download the HP Smart Tank Plus manual, go to the HP site
  • Secondly, enter the model number of the printer and wait for the results
  • After that, access the manual Downloads section and select the language for the manual
  • Similarly, choose the location for the manual to save
  • Finally, click the Download button for the file to save
  • And the user can refer this for more information regarding HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 551 Wireless Setup

  • At first, make sure that the HP printer and the computer have the same internet access
  • Next, locate the printer and the computer close to the Wi-Fi router
  • Now, power on the HP printer and check for the installation of the print heads
  • Secondly, long-press the Wireless button from the control panel of the printer until the LED starts to blink
  • Similarly, exactly within two minutes, hold the WPS button on the wireless router to start with the connection process
  • Finally, once when the connection process is a success, wireless light and the signal bars stops blinking
  • And this is one of the most significant steps while HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup
  • And this completes the second level of HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup

How to Avoid Paper Jams in HP Smart Tank Plus?

  • The user can find paper jams once after completing the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup
  • To avoid those, here are some simple guidelines
  • Firstly, make sure not to overfill the input tray and check whether at least papers are on load
  • After that, make sure to keep the HP printer free from dust and remove the excess paper and check to close the input tray when not in use
  • Secondly, ensure to remove the printed papers from the output tray most frequently
  • Moreover, never insert papers of different types, sizes into the input tray and make sure that the stack inside the printer must be of the same size
  • Insert papers that are flat and not bent or torn or having curls
  • Similarly, adjust the width guide in the input tray and the width guide must not bend the paper inside
  • Finally, never insert the paper into the paper input tray while the print job is on
  • And in case if the paper is running out, wait for the add paper message to appear on the LCD screen
  • And then start to add the paper into the paper input tray

If you have any issues or require any information regarding the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 setup, dial to our technical support team at HP printer support phone number or call us @ +1-888-800-6010 for the assistance.

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