HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 Printer

  • HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 printer is a multi-functional one, which can print, copy, scan wireless.
  • The print speed of the HP Smart Tank 450 printer is up to 8ppm and then for black is again up to 8ppm
  • The print speed of the HP Smart Tank 450 printer color is up to 5ppm and the first page out in 14 seconds
  • HP Smart Wireless 450 printer can print up to 1000pages on a monthly cycle
  • High processor speed is up to 365 MHz and it has wireless capability
  • The connectivity speed is 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and also has mobile printing capability
  • Compatible operating systems are Mac and Windows and the included software is HP Printer software and HP photo creations
  • And the mobile printing solutions are HP Smart app, HP ePrint, HP voice-activated Printing HP and HP wireless direct

What is Inside the Box and How to Unload it?

  • The first time HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup is simple and easy to start
  • Firstly, peel off the tape that is stuck to the HP printer and unload the contents inside it
  • Next, on the top, there will be a set of accessories like ink cartridges, reference manual, setup poster, and power cord
  • After that, remove all the tapes that are stuck on the interior and exterior parts of the HP printer
  • Also, check whether the tape is taken off from the printhead access door
  • Secondly, connect the printer to power to turn it on
  • For that, fix on the end of the connector to the rear of the printer and the other end of the connector to the electrical socket
  • The HP printer will prompt twice
  • The first prompt is to load the ink cartridges
  • Similarly, make sure that the insertion of the ink cartridges are gentle
  • Likewise, the second prompt is to load the paper
  • Now, the printer aligns the cartridges and then makes a test print
  • Finally, link the HP printer to the wireless network and download the software and driver package from the HP site

Downloading the HP Printer Driver

  • The first and foremost step is during HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 setup is to download the printer driver
  • Firstly, visit the HP site and access the Software and Drivers section
  • Secondly, choose your printer from the product series, HP Smart Tank Wireless 450
  • After that, select the Operating system and its version from the second link
  • Next, click the Full details option and go through the information is given
  • Finally, click the Download now button
  • The driver file will save under the Downloads folder or the selected location by the user
  • Moreover, run the HP driver file and install the driver
  • The initial process for the HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 setup gets complete
  • Setting up HP printer Wireless

HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless Setup

HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless Setup

HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless Setup

WPS Method

  • Wireless setup must be completed so that the user can print wirelessly and this is the third stage of HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup
  • Firstly, long-press the wireless button on the HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 printer for three seconds to begin the WPS mode
  • After that, within three seconds press the WPS button on the router
  • Finally, after doing the above steps, the HP printer will get its network access

PIN Method

  • The HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 setup has another method for Wireless setup
  • For this, firstly long-press the Wireless button and the information button together
  • And this will print the network configuration page and then go for the WPS pin
  • Secondly, long-press the Wireless button on the HP printer control panel for three seconds
  • Further, the wireless light will start to blink
  • Finally, access the configuration Utility software for the wireless router and then provide the WPS PIN
  • Wait for some time for the printer to link to the network and the wireless light blinking will stay on

How to Setup HP ePrint?

  • Mobile printing is one important setup that includes HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup
  • At first, the user must enable the Web services on the HP printer to HP Smart app to get a unique email address for the printer
  • Secondly, create a new Email message and then make sure to add the attachments you want to print
  • And now, provide the ePrint Email address in the To box and also add any additional email address the CC box
  • Finally, send the mail and the mail starts to print in the desired location

How to Setup HP AirPrint?

  • The AirPrint is exclusively for the Apple users, where the users will have this in build solution on the computer and mobile devices
  • This AirPrint setup also includes in the HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup
  • Firstly, make sure that the Apple device has network access
  • Secondly, on the printer Control panel, tap the Wireless icon or access the Network Settings to check the connection status
  • After that, on the printer, go to Setup Network or Wireless menu
  • Next, choose Wireless Setup Wizard and proceed with the prompts on-screen to link the printer to the internet

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on HP Smart Tank wireless 450?

  • And here, Google Cloud Print is set to have a Simple setup process, and this also comes under HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup
  • Firstly, power on the HP printer and check for the installation of the ink cartridges
  • After that on the computer or the Chromebook, access the Chrome browser
  • Secondly, login into the Google account
  • Now, in the URL bar enter chrome://devices and then hit the Enter key
  • Next, the Google Cloud print will recognize the printers on the Network
  • If the HP printer is available in the New devices section, then click Register
  • And again click Register for confirmation and to print the confirmation sheet
  • Finally, make the confirmation on the control panel of the printer or else follow the instructions on the page that prints
  • Once the confirmation is complete, the printer is now ready starting to print with Google Cloud Print

If you face any difficulties or issues while proceeding with HP Smart Tank 450 Wireless setup, do contact our technical support team @ +1-888-800-6010 or HP Printer support phone number for they can assist you with the setup process.

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