HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 is the all in one printer. You can scan, copy, fax and print using this printer. This printer supports HP smart app, AirPrint, ePrint, etc. Here in this blog lets discuss the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 setup.

Features about the printer

  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi., wireless direct
  • Input paper tray capacity is 100 sheet
  • Output paper tray capacity is 30 sheets
  • Border printing is available
  • Automatic document feeder capacity is 35 sheets
  • HP auto-off technology is the extra addition to this printer
  • Ink cartridge – 4 (one black and 3 colors)
  • HP thermal inkjet printing technology

Components included in the box

  • HP Smart Tank Plus 651 wireless all in one printer
  • HP 31 70-ml cyan, magenta, yellow original ink bottle
  • Ink caution flyer
  • Repacking flyer
  • HP 32XL 135-ml black original ink bottle
  • HP Smart Tank Plus 651 setup guide
  • Reference guide
  • Regulatory flyer
  • PT flyer
  • RoH-EAC regulatory flyer
  • Power cord

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 First Time Printer Setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Setup

HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Setup

Unpacking the Printer

  • Remove the printer from the package
  • Place the printer on the safe place and remove the tape from the printer
  • Recycle the package after unpacking the printer
  • After removing all the tape and the packaging materials, connect the power cord to the printer and power outlet
  • Once you power on the printer, you will receive the onscreen instruction
  • Enter the language that you prefer
  • Select the location, time and date

Filling the Ink Tanks

  • Open the black ink bottle
  • Make sure that you open the cap for the black ink tank
  • Once you open the appropriate ink tank, place the ink bottle upside down
  • don’t squeeze the bottle
  • After filling the tank, place the bottle in the cool place
  • Close the cap of the tank
  • Make the same process for the other ink tank also
  • After pouring the ink close the front door

Inserting the Printheads

  • Unlock the cover to install the printheads
  • Take off the print head from the plastic cover
  • Remove the screw from the printhead
  • Fix the printheads making it in the upward direction

Loading the Papers

  • Select the paper to insert in the paper tray
  • Make sure that you insert the proper paper on the input tray
  • Before loading the papers check that you get the knowledge about the capacity of your input tray
  • Finally, close the tray and allow the printer to make the mandatory alignment page

HP Smart Tank 651 Wireless Setup

  • You can connect the printer by both the wireless and wired network
  • But it is always preferred to use the wireless network when compared to the wired network
  • If you prefer to use the WPS wireless setup follow these steps
  • Before starting the WPS setup ensure that the WPS set up is applicable to your printer as well as the router
  • Turn on the WPS push button on the router
  • Then on the printer panel, press the wireless button on the printer
  • Hold it for some minutes, until the printer configures to the wireless network
  • Once the configuration is done, check that the blue lights sparkle on the wireless option
  • After the configuration, you will receive the software update message on the printer panel

HP Smart Tank 651 Driver Download using the Windows

  • Open the hp site on the browser
  • Enter your printer model on the site
  • Once you get the appropriate software for your printer to start to download it
  • After the download is completed, you can get the downloaded file on the download option on the printer

HP Smart Tank 651 Driver Download using the Mac

  • Choose the mac os which is compatible with your device
  • Visit the hp site and search for the compatible software
  • Once you get the proper compatible software on the website
  • Start to download the software as soon as you get the appropriate software for your printer

Wireless Connection to the Windows

  • Download the latest updated version of the hp smart app on the windows
  • Now allow the software which is downloaded
  • Accept for the license and start to install it
  • After completion of the software installation steps, open the app
  • Select the plus symbol and allow the system to search for the printer
  • Once you find your printer name on the list, choose the printer
  • And select the add printer option

Wireless Connection to the Mac

  • Install the HP Smart aAp on your Mac device
  • Open the application after the installation
  • Click the mac icon on the application
  • Proceed the steps to add the printer to your mac device
  • Search for the available printer
  • Once you get your printer on the search result, select the printer
  • Enter to the printers and scanners option
  • Finally, tap the +icon and add your printer to the mac

How do I print using the AirPrint?

  • On your Apple device, select the document that you need to print
  • Tap the share icon
  • If you get the print option, proceed with the print icon
  • You will get the list of printers name, select your printer’s name from the list
  • Before printing insert the paper to the paper tray and load the ink to the ink tanks
  • Select the number of copies that you need
  • And completed the onscreen instruction and start printing the file

How do I Print using the ePrint?

  • Create the Email address for your printer
  • Select the Email to make the print
  • Open the message and forward it to the printers mail
  • Then it will process to make the printing using the ePrint

How do I Print?

  • Select the file that you need to print
  • And click the control and P together at the same time
  • You will receive the printing notification message on the screen
  • Check that your printer is connected to the system
  • Then tap the print option and wait until the printing is complete

How do I Scan?

  • Install the hp scan application on the system
  • Select the file that you want to scan
  • Once done, proceed with the scan option
  • After the completion of the steps, wait until the scan is complete

How do I Fax?

  • Load the sheet on the printer
  • And select the Fax option on the system
  • Enter the fax number and proceed with the fax option
  • Tap the start, send and go to complete the fax

For further details on the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 setup get in touch with our customer support team @ +1-888-800-6010 or visit HP Printer support phone number and resolve your issues.

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